Quinoa: Quinoa is an indigenous plant of South America and often used by locals as an energy food that once used by warriors to stay strong in long journeys and battles. The Incas treated quinoa as a sacred plant, and it was a staple food for hundreds of year. It has a crunchy texture and mild nutty flavor. Quinoa is actually seeds, but it is often treated like grain. It’s closely related to another superfood, spinach. Quinoa is less well-known than wheat, oats, or other popular grains, but it is an amazing superfood with a good deal of health benefits. Quinoa is an excellent protein source and contains all essential amino acids (useful for vegans and vegetarians). Quinoa is also a good source of beneficial minerals, including copper, manganese, iron, and magnesium, plus B-complex vitamins. All of these trace elements and nutrients are necessary in chemical reactions for producing energy out of your foods. Quinoa also offers potassium and good fats that are beneficial for your blood pressure and heart. It offers plenty of insoluble fiber, which helps in regulating bowel movements. This type of fiber can’t dissolve in the water and passes through your intestinal tract to help move stool efficiently through the colon. Good bowel activities reduce the risk of gas, pain, and bloating associated with the lack of fiber. It also lowers the possibility of small pouches formation at weak spots found on the intestine. Copper and manganese both help in the superoxide dismutase production, an important enzyme that helps in fighting off cellular damages throughout our body. This antioxidant activities help prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, and any inflammatory condition. Quinoa contains large amount of vitamin B2 (riboflavin), which is essential in energy production. Magnesium found in quinoa makes it a good food for treating migraines. This mineral can make your blood vessels more relaxed, which is an important factor in dealing with vascular headaches. Quinoa is also very filling and low in fat, so it will help prevent weight gain while keeping you feeling full.