Hi Everyone! I'm Suanny Upegui, Founder of Casa Finca. I'm super excited to introduce our services to the public to keep our healing path alive. 

I started in the wellness industry 13 years ago as a personal fitness trainer. As I learned about my clients and my passion for food and helping others; I decided to study the art of nutrition, cooking and energy healing through reiki, crystals, touch and visualization and coahing. I now bring light to people through one on one work as a holistic healer with life coaching, energy work, cooking classes.  you can also enjoy some my work through curated wellness holistic dinners, workshops, catering and medicinal elixirs.

I was born in the mountains of Colombia, after so much work in my own healing process/spiritual growth to understand my power and light, it is clear to me that my path is to tap into my ancestral energy, intuitive gifts and magical creations to cultivate higher levels of frequency wherever possible and help as a light in the healing process of others.

Anything is possible with love and clear intentions!

I know it becomes hard when it seems your health is not monetarily accessible. So I have created a sliding payment scale for some of my services. So please if money is what's stopping you from self improvement, do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to make it work for the two of us. 

Any inquiries please contact me at casafincanyc@gmail.com

Can't wait to meet you!

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Life Coaching

I'm here to help in any way possible. Sometimes we just need a little push and someone to give us the right guidance. I will teach you how to live a more conscious life inside and out. There are several aspects to a Holistic life which include; nutrition, self care, career success, relationships and spiritual transformation. We will learn to balance each of these to create a strong foundation that works together in oneness to obtain a happier, healthier and successful self. I'm happy to work personally with you and your family. Kids are the future of our planet; starting early will make a big difference!

Energy Healing

I work with reiki energy, touch, visualization and crystals and lots of good intetions. All of these powerful healing methods have been proven to help release emotional blockages by using one or a combination of  techniques (everyone has a preference and this helps the healing process). With the right attitude and a lot of positivity I like to offer my self as a channel to help the healing of your energy systems and obtain a higher frequency which will evoke a higher self.

Cooking Classes

Part of the reason people quit eating healthy it's because is hard to work with ingredients and recipes that our ancestors never came across or introduced to their families. To make it easy for you and your everyday life, I created a 5 week one on one or group program that will teach you the basics and advance techniques to make you enjoy your everyday cooking experiences. Being healthy cannot get any better and easier when you developed a relationship with the food you eat. 

Classes are available for adults and kids 


As part of keeping the love for healthy food alive and our delicious recipes. We would be delighted to cater your healthy event. Snacks, buffet style lunches, to a full dinner experience with curation of the space and menu. In addition; if you are tired of hangovers and want to introduce a healthy version of drinks to your guest,  we now offer our mocktail tonic bar menu with high frequency drinks that will be nourishing to the spirit, mind and body.