Casa Finca means farm house in Spanish. A typical Colombian estate, the term Casa Finca refers to farms which are found in cities, with land enough to harvest fruits, vegetables and raise animals. Casa Finca’s goal is to facilitate food as medicine in the form of juice, smoothie, elixir or healthy snacks. The menu was carefully created to bring healing properties for different needs with Amazonian superfoods, Aryuvedic influences and medicinal herbs with an organic pantry or ethically source ingredients.  In creating awareness for our community through food and nutrition, we practice sustainable values in everything we do. From acquiring most of our ingredients at the local farmers market, working with ethical businesses that work directly with the farmers to providing to-go ware that is 100% compostable. We educate people in the importance of plastic reduction, and encourage composting. Bring your own cup and we will give you a good to the environment discount!

Our ingredients come from the following list of suppliers ;