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Casa Finca means farm house in Spanish. A typical Colombian estate, the term Casa Finca refers to farms which are found in cities, with land enough to harvest fruits, vegetables and raise animals. Casa Finca’s goal is to facilitate plant and herbal medicine in the form of elixirs, tonics, tinctures, smoothies, juices, organic whole-foods and more.. Our offerings are carefully crafted to bring healing properties for the body, mind and spirit. Highlighting locally sourced/home grown medicinal plants, herbs, ethically sourced Amazonian superfoods, Ayurvedic influences and an organic pantry of farm to table ingredients.  In creating awareness for our community through plant medicine, food and holistic living, we practice sustainable values in everything we do. From growing most of the herbs we provide for our community to acquiring the rest of our ingredients from local farmers, and indigenous communities that lovingly share their medicine. We educate people in the importance of plastic reduction, and encourage composting and understanding the importance of mindfulness in the things we consume.

Casa Finca started as a Juice and Elixir bar in the heart of South Street Seaport. While we look for our new home you can find us creating experiences in different locations, catering conscious events or working with individuals, groups, and Families, in the pursue to a more evolved symbiotic community. Casa Finca's goal is to create unity as part of a conscious movement. (connection of the body, mind , soul and nature as one) We want to bring healing by practicing rituals and medicinal techniques. 

Please contact us if you are looking for a mindful approach to your next event, we would love to create the perfect experience that will leave your guest happy and energized.  If in need of healing and/or guidance we offer private services (nutrition/mindfulness/ceremonial living and more….), crystal energy healing and many wellness techniques that will bring the right balance to your everyday life. Check out our events and services page for more information.

Founders Intro-

Hi Everyone! I'm Suanny Upegui, Founder of Casa Finca. I'm super excited to introduce our services to the public and keep our healing path alive. 

I was born in Colombia raised in the mountains, after so much work in my own healing process/spiritual growth to understand my power and light, it is clear to me that my path is to tap into my ancestral energy, intuitive gifts and magical creations to cultivate higher levels of frequency wherever possible and help as a guide in the healing process of others.

I started in the wellness industry 13 years ago as a personal fitness trainer. As I learned about my clients and my passion for the body, mind, spirit and helping others; I decided to study the art of nutrition, cooking and energy healing through reiki, crystals, touch, visualization and holistic coaching. It is important to me to facilitate and hold space for our community. Through ritual and ceremony and the power of spirit , I been called to share the knowledge with others.

For the past three years I’ve been working close to plants and the nature inside and out, to learn more about them and their spirits. This path has help me understand the importance of connection to the natural world and how much it has to give us.

Anything is possible with love and clear intentions!

Can't wait to meet you!